Reflection: Form 3 vs Form2 (win Form2)


I write here in case any user is in my situation and can help me:

I am a SolidScape and Form2 user, two months ago I bought the Form3, hoping to win in quality / speed / etc … quite the opposite.

With the new Form3 I can not print at 25 microns unless I use a beta (it was sent to me by a Formlabs agent from support), that beta makes printing cost them much longer than Form2 (to be able to print to it resolution), I speak 26 hours for 1400 layers (approximate), this same job with Form2 is 10h.

Also, I can’t use the printer in Open Mode, which I can do with Form2 (and I do it from time to time).

For all these reasons, I feel that I have retreated in benefits having invested in a new product, which I thought I would win, but it is not so, the reality is that I continue using Form2.

I hope they solve these problems as soon as possible (the weeks go by and I don’t see any updates that solve this), because far from being happy, I’m already doubting whether to change the solution.