Reduce base area to speed up builds

Good afternoon,
I was wondering if there is a way with the form 2 to reduce the area of the base?

I have a sample part shown that has a giant base. I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the mass in the center and if that speeds up the build.
thank you

If you lower the base thickness, usually those areas disappear. It will speed up printing if you have to print less base material, more significant for small parts than big ones.

Also… I would never print the example like that. Yes it is the quickest, but wastes a lot of material, you need more post processing and it won’t look as good as printing more vertical.

Thank you,
Is there a way to reduce the thickness below 1mm?
I’ve been putting the parts at @30 deg angle to reduce buildup.

No there is not.
I usually play around with supports a bit if I need to print parts like this. I “discovered” that if you place two supports far enough from each other, a gap will start at that place and this will remove the support material in the middle.

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