Speed up in switching layer high between base / support and model

I know, it is an old topic, but I think, it needs a higher prority:

It would be very nice, to print the base and first part of support in thicker slices as the model.

Actual I start a printjob in 50 Microns (18 hours) and the first 4 hours needed to print the base in 50 Microns. I would save 2 hours with a base printed in 100 Microns and more.

Preform know about the difference of base and Model and so it should be possible to calculate automatic the slices in two different thicknesses.

Greetings Günter


Definitely agree

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I think there may be another chance at optimization by making holes in those parts of the base and supports that are unlikely to receive mechanical load during separation or peel force.
Probably most likely towards the geometrical center of a cluster of supports, and also partially hollowing the supports themselves.
This would obviously save some resin, too.

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Totally agree with you guys, changes really need to be made on the base construction

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What do the formlabs say about that?

same question here: Improve print speed at 25 and 50 microns

Additional suggestion: A “professional” user gets the possibility to define additional zones in the slicer for different layer thicknesses.

I agree! Running the base, and the first couple of mm of the supports at 100 Microns would save me hours off of every single print.

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I don’t know exactly how long it takes but if you use the stock option (2 mm base and 5mm support heigt) at 25 microns it’s 280 layers when it could be 70 at 100 microns or even 35 at 200…this is Worth a firmware update!

Especially a firmware update that lets you specify layer thickness by range!

Millimeters 1-7 .1, mm 7-9 .025

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This would certainly be a nice feature =)

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