Wish we could collapse several custom layer setting topics into one

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Agree with you, we need an answer on this

I’d love to have this feature for sure. Less printing time for the base would be good.

Thanks for the suggestion! – I can certainly see the utility in alternating layer heights to optimize print times. This is something we’re interested in. So far, we’ve found that quality is the more important parameter for most of our users, so speed optimizations haven’t been given the spotlight. This is certainly something we’re looking at for the future though and it sounds like something our community would appreciate!

Fair point on the quality, but I don’t imagine anyone’s too bothered about displaying the bases as an example of print quality…

If I’m printing a batch of rings, the print height is around 25mm (ish). A 5mm base & 3.5mm support structure is quite a large proportion of the total height (and laser scan time given the bases have much longer paths than the rings). Knocking around 25% (estimate based purely on Z height) off a 15 hour print would be quite nice.

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Agreed!, we’ve been slicing different layer heights together in the FDM world for years.

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