Rectangular pieces are printed as rhomboid pieces

Although I am already asking Formlabs about this problem, I would like to know if someone else has happened to him and if he has been able to solve it.

My problem is that when I printed a rectangular piece with perfects straight angles, the result was a rhomboid pieces with no straight angle. I do not know if I can explain (sorry for my English), but I attach an image so that you can understand me better.

Before printing, when the platform goes down to the resin tank, a noise is heard, I do not know if it will have something to do, but it has coincided in time.


Can you upload your .form file so that we can take a look? In many cases, this is a matter or adding a few additional supports to ensure that the part is fully braced during printing.

Is this part thick or thin in the direction we can’t see?


I have a new printer as replacement of my old printer that was badly repaired. When my old printer printed good this piece was perfectly printed, the same .form file. Supports can’t be the problem.

The walls are 1,5mm thin, so that can’t be the problem either

Thanks for responses!

Formlabs support does not answer the emails. I’ve been waiting for a week, is there a problem?

We aim to reply much sooner than that and I checked in with our support team to make sure they’d received your ticket. We weren’t able to find your ticket so I’ve made sure to open one for you, and a member of our team will be in touch with you over email.

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