Reconditioned Form1+ for sale

I recently had my form1 printer sent in for a repair to it’s laser and about two months ago I received my replacement Form1+. Since then I have only done two prints on the machine, both of which came out great. The machine looks and performs like new, I just haven’t spent much time with it. I find myself too busy with other hobbies to actually use the printer and need the money for other things.

I have all the original packaging, an extra resin tray, and half a bottle of white resin. The printer looks like new, no scratches or any defects as I am pretty careful with my toys. I am only looking to sell within the United States and would conduct the sale through paypal. If anyone is interested please email me at **REMOVED.

Price: $2800

Dane Caro

Printer has been sold. Thanks for the interest.