Recoating the Orange Form 2 tank - failures

Hi friends,

I won a Formlabs Form2 printer from a friend a month ago and the orange tank was so damaged.
Then I tried to recoat it with 110gr of PDMS silicon. Before I leveled the surface and put the tank to cure for 48hr.

After that I put a FEP film on it and tried to print. The printings are failing once it can build
only the supports.

The tank refurbished is without any bubbles and seems to be ok. I changed also the acrilics for a new one.

Do you think I need to level the build plataform (Z axis) to solve the bad printings?

Thank you so much,

Why put the FEP on top of the PDMS? That’s not how these tanks work.

I’ve read somewhere the FEP film could extend the life of the PDMS.

Do you think I need to peel it out from the tank? It’s easy.

Yes, you shouldn’t do that. Just PDMS.

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I took ithe FEP film off and now printing again! I’ll post the results in a few hours!

Thanks for the help!

Worked! Now my orange tank is like new and printing perfectly!

Thank you,

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