Recent 3D scanning webinar - any version posted online?


A few days ago, formlabs had a webinar on 3-D scanning. I missed it, and I don’t see any kind of recording of it, or the presentation, posted.

  • If anyone knows of this, or similar posted presentations of 3-D scanning, please let us all know.

  • I have had terrible luck with 3D scanning. No powder or painting or anything seemed to help (*). Tips and tricks would be great.


  • Scanning is supposed to work well with objects of medium non-specular reflectance. Anything anyone ever wants to scan, and most of every technical object we own, is in shiny black plastic, pretty much the opposite of this. This is a fundamental issue that today’s scanning tech does not seem to be able to get past. Still, any tips and tricks would be welcome.


This are the two formlabs webinars containing information about 3d scanning, that i know of:

Usually formlabs adds recordings of its webinars to, but for some they dont.


Hey @pirate!

Just wanted to post a link to the session I think you’re referring to!

If you’re still looking for additional insights, please let us know and maybe we can put that in the pipeline for some future content. :slight_smile: