Scanner War, Makerbot vs Matterform vs Fuel3d

Looks like the Scanner war has started, I’d like to know what side your choosing.

Personally I want a scanner that will handle action figures and fine detailed small objects,  so it looks like Matterform  might suite me best.

Or you could just build your own off the shelf with davidlaserscanner - if you already have a projector then you can set it up with a simple webcam. I wanted decent accuracy though so I bought a flea3 camera and a fujinon lens to go with my existing home theatre projector.

I’m getting some pretty decent results - see images and a lower resolution movie I made from an import into solidworks

While I also backed the Fuel3D for capturing “external object”, I am also in the wait for the CadScan 3D (now called Cubik) Desktop 3D Scanner:

Was surprised that the project got so “less attention” at the time it was launched.

I’ve backed CadScan too.  Looks like an excellent product. Regular updates too…

“Personally I want a scanner that will handle action figures and fine detailed small objects,  so it looks like Matterform  might suite me best.”

I thought the point cloud density and resulting mesh looked a bit sparse on the Matterform. Perhaps if you are going to clean up and retopo in Zbrush it will not matter.  Kevin, that finger detail is insane! Whatever the case this competition is good for the end users, free market capitalization or what have you.



I´m really impressed by your scan. Could you recommend me a tutorial or an source that describes how to replicate your “home made” scanner ?


@Michael -

It’s sort of like building your own PC, if you already have a decent projector though (eg 1500+ lumens, 200K+contrast ratio and 1080p), you’re more than half way there. The software is €329 (  - and then you’ll just need a camera. Some folks seem to be getting decent results with Logitech HD webcams like the 9000 or c920, but David now recommends the C615 for entry level systems.

Unfortunately if you do buy your own industrial camera instead of the one they recommend (which is not well specced for the price) for higher quality scans like my fingerprint you may well encounter issues with the software.

David doesn’t document set-up with camera’s like the Flea3. It was a far from pleasant experience, but I got it to work eventually. If you go that route - I may be able to help if you have config issues … although these two threads summarise a lot of what I’ve learnt using the Point Grey Flea3 with David:


Great stuff, perfect answer I´m on it. Thanx