Questions about the material properties of Elastic Resin

Hello Community,

I have a few general questions about Elastic Resin:

  1. Can you please give me information about the elastic modulus of Elastic Resin? This is not evident from the data sheet.

  2. Are there empirical values on the minimum diameter and minimum wall thickness of simple cylinders so that they are still continuous or that the vessel wall does not tear? (Parameter study)

  3. Can wall thicknesses of 250 micrometers, for example, be realized, since the resolution of Elastic Resin is 100 micrometers?

Many thanks for your help.

I’m not sure on the actual elastic modulus. I’m also not sure I completely understand your second question. BUT, I understand the third.
I have only printed on the Form2 with elastic. The wall thickness is really dependent on how large your object is. I would not go smaller than 1.5mm in any case though. The larger the object the thicker your walls need to be. In the green state out of the machine the parts resemble jello supported by wet noodles. I was printing fairly large objects (150-250ml) that took most of the build volume. When supporting make sure you use a ton of small supports. Also make sure in the orientation you pay attention to bridging items. Things that form separate and join later in the print are a no-go.