QUESTION: Will IR light affect uncured resin?

I chose the S&T category just to be sure: This ain’t a joke, serious question! I’d like to place an IR LED webcam pointing towards the form2 just to remote monitor any issues while printing. i know IR is just at the oposite spectrum of light than UV but the question is… is it 100% safe to shred IR light over uncured resin??
Once again, asking from complete ignorance, no pun intended!

Yes, this is safe to do.

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I keep an ARLO camera pointed at my Form2 24/7. It has IR illumination for night mode. Now it only illuminates when activated by motion or manual live feed. But I have had no problems. IR range on this camera is about 30-40 feet and I have it placed 3 feet from printer. This allows 24/7 viewing of unattended prints from anywhere in the world. I cant stop it from anywhere if it fails during a print but I can call for help, lol. I have only had 2 print failures so far. So very rare.

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Neat, thanks for the input
My idea was to put it stuck to the acrílic as it’s very tiny and comes with suction. Cups. Lol we’ll. See…

Did u consider some. Sort. Of. WeMo switch to shut down the whole. Thing or would. That be excessive?

This. I have 96% print success over 86 prints, and only one of these few failures would have been see on a webcam… plus, although one of the parts failed about 5 hours into a 30 hours print (detached from the supports), the other part printed fine.

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