Question beford buying


I’m very intrested in buying the formlab 1+

but beford I commit, I need to ask a few question,
I tried to serach the forum before asking thought…

The most important one.

It seem to me that the form lab need a “lab grade” environnement in order to be keept accurate.
especialy the big mirror.

Is it as painfull as it seem to be, in order to cleen it?

I have my office in my basement, it is not completly dusty but neither it is totaly dust free.


As long as you clean it regularly (lets say once every 10 prints), then there shouldn’t be a problem. I live in an old house, full of dust :P. However, if you keep the lid closed as much as you can, and leave the resin tank in the printer, not a lot of dust can get in. Cleaning your large mirror with IPA and Pec-Pads is a one minute job, so don’t let this hold you back!


I am 1 month ahead of you. Mine is in an average basement. Just keep the laser area sealed at all times. I change my tanks in 5 seconds flat.

So far so good.


When I had my machine, I had it my office. Nothing is dust free but you want to try to keep dust from entering the mirror chamber. As people have have said it only takes a minute to clean. You do want to get an air blower (the type used for photo lenses).

The most important thing for consistent prints will be understanding model orientation in pre-form and making sure your resin is clean and properly mixed.