Problem with print cracking around supports

Printed the following using Standard grey resin at 25 and 50 micron with the same result, the print “cracks” at the point a few supports touch.
The supports in Preform are point size 0.50mm

This can sometimes happen to undersupported models. I recommend adding a couple more supports to the lower half of the model, particularly on the long edge between the lowest corner and the first crack.

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Since the bottom edge is supported only in a line as it prints it ends up unstable–it needs additional supports to keep the print stable

Ah, I knew it would be my fault! :slight_smile:
Thakns for the feedback. I will adjust my expectations of what support i need.

Think of the supports like a stool. Your supports above only support 2 sides (two legs on the stool). Adding supports on a third edge will help a lot.

Supports that are placed in flat areas are fairly easy to clean off. Supports on corners can problematic to remove. We’re always stuck supporting the single lowest points and islands on the corner but the rest can be on a flat section close to the corner.

I had a similar problem with some jewelry prints in Castable v2. The extra supports did the trick.

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