Prints not finishing

Attached is a photo of parts from three different prints done on both of my Form2 machines. Same error on both.
The HVAC units in the back are all printed from the same Preform layout. The two on the left were printed a few months back and came out correct. I ran two separate jobs, on on each machine, and came out with the parts to the right that show the corner missing. It’s as if the printer stopped firing at this point. Also the small parts are a scale top loading washing machine. The back panel is missing on some not the other.

Has any one else run into this issue? I have another 4 pieces running with a different orientation to see if they will print without the problem.

Here’s that photo.Form%202%20Build%20Issue

Thanks for the report. I’ve never seen this before, but I found a part that reproduces this behavior and I have a fix in the works. If you can DM me the .form file, I can double-check that you are seeing the same issue and that it is fixed.

In the meantime, if it is the issue I think it is, then (1) you should be able to see the problem in the slicer, where the slicer will show the mesh clipped but above some height will stop showing laser lines filling in the slice cap. (2) You may be able to work around it by remeshing the part with more-uniform-sized triangles. (3) You may be able to have it come out in a different orientation.

Thanks Ben. Not sure how to DM you the file. Only thing I get is a “Message” but that looks like a reply here. You’ll need to give me a bit more directions on sending you the file.

Anyway I’ve seen some other issues with the current Preform and that’s where I believe the issue is. I notice a job that still had a minute to run send the build plate to the top as if finished. I haven’t had a chance to check the parts yet to see if they are OK.


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Thanks for the test file. PreForm 3.0.1 is now available and should fix the issue: