Prints end up mangled on bottom of tray! Please help!

Hi all,

We received our Form 2 a couple of days ago but have so far failed to get any print to work. We use black resin, and everything is brand new (so the tank was not used for other resins before). The tank is still in good order, clear and shiny.

The problem is that our prints end up on the bottom of the tray, in slices (which sometimes overlap in weird ways). My bet is that the print starts to build well, but when it reaches about a mm of thickness, the thin slice falls off the build platform and sinks to the bottom of the tray (under and angle). And then subsequent layers keep on being printed on top of this, at the correct angle, and everything just keeps falling of and screws up. Once again, this is my guess. Picture below!

All this happens with support structures provided by Cura - so it’s no because we are trying to build “flat” against the build platform. Any idea on why this happens and how to prevent it?

Cheers, any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT to the above: okay, the picture was for a profile that was built flush with the build platform. But after that we tried a simple 6x6x6mm cube with support structures as provided by Cura, and the result was similar.

Why don’t you let PreForm do what it’s supposed to do? Cura doesn’t understand the printer’s requirements. I would not assume its supports are any good at all for the Form2. And if you expect FormLabs to provide you with any support, you’re going to have to show them it doesn’t work with PreForm. They’re not going to show you much love if you ask them to diagnose a problem with a 3rd party tool.

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I agree. Try this part with PreForm supports. If that fails, please contact customer support.

Also, make sure the resin is mixed–the pigment will settle over time so if you haven’t mixed before printing then it can cause problems. My only print failure was with Black when I didn’t mix it

I’m sorry for my mistake: I was using PreForm. We also just started working with an UltiMaker (using Cura), but the Form2 uses PreForm, naturally.

I adjusted the build platform Z-axis to -0.5mm and it’s working like a charm now!

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