Prints are failing part way through, strange thin skins of resin hanging off them?

Ah yes it is a phone picture sorry!
I do filter my resin after a couple of prints or so, i also use the comb trick mentioned in the faqs.
I’m not totally sure what temperature is although it is quite cold at night at roughly 3degrees C. I have a space heater on through the day so it’s quite warm.
I have washed the galvo mirrors, i received a PDF from support on how to do it when this trouble arose.
There isnt currently any clouding in the Vats although i noticed that a couple of my new ones have a slightly uneven surface on the inside of the vat? like it hasnt settles properly its slightly raised like a slight mound.
I actually received a new pot of v2 clear from support so the resin is absolutely new. and well shaken and warmed after all of this! :stuck_out_tongue:
The build platform is not wobbly atall, although its looking a bit scuffed up after all its use.

After all this im going to go back in and check the galvo mirrors and the laser at the same time.who knows i might have missed a smudge or dust! although im running low on pecpads after all the mirror cleaning woops!

It’s odd the print problem occurred very gradually, over two pots of resin. Could anything else affect this? step/peel motor problem?

So you’re saying prints got worse and worse? over the course of two litres of resin… that sounds like the old laser issue, but it just seems so unlikely.

That spot photo - does the spot actually look like that to your eyes?

Another thing you can use to check the spot test without taking the laser out is some inkjet transparency paper - the matt coating is enough to pick out the laser, and it pretty rules out misleading light scatter. It’s not easy to take a photo of it, but it’s easy to see with your eyes if you have a laser beam or a torch beam.

it really helps to run the test with the case open as well if you have a magnet to put on the case lip matching the magnet position in the cover.

As for either of the stepper motors - platform or peel - I guess it’s possible, but if you haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary about them - ie vat still peels, and platform still goes up, they don’t seem like prime suspects…

“So you’re saying prints got worse and worse? over the course of two litres of resin… that sounds like the old laser issue, but it just seems so unlikely.” This is exactly the same as my issue to the point that the prints now are unrecognisable
Support have asked me to clean ALL the mirrors and i have to wait for some approved PecPads to arrive in the post tomorrow before i can do that.

@Dean_Wilkin which laser do you have?

I have a form1+ and it contains the new type laser.

Update as some seem to have very similar issues. Printer appears to be fixed :grinning:. I followed support’s instructions to the letter on cleaning all the mirrors and its back producing great prints. Galvo and the smaller fixed mirrors all looked ok but i cleaned them anyway. The main mirror did look clean from above but i lit it from deep within the machine and could then see some marks apparently caused by me previously using RS Components lint free wipes. I have now cleaned it with the recommended PecPads and IPA and its now printing ok. I have yet to try the large print that initially failed but see no reason why this wont print now. Believe me my main mirror looked pretty clean before but it simply wasn’t. I’m still learning and now know how to keep the mirrors in good order.

@Dean_Wilkin how was your large print?
Success or fail?

@Martin_Priehn the large print worked perfectly, and i haven’t had a print failure since. It appears the lint free wipes i was using were not as clean as they should be, and although the mirrors "looked’ very clean, they obviously were not. I have been advised to not clean the mirrors as much as i was. Before support convinced me to clean to their procedure, i ran a laser spot test and was convinced my laser was poor, as it looked the same as other people with potential laser problems. Also the gradual deterioration of the prints convinced me the laser was failing.

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