Printing with Form 3+ out of high hardness material like permanent crown

I am attempting to replicate a old stone arrow head for practical use. Although it would be possible to do this with the Alumina 4N I would like to try it with a more cost effective process and material. I have a 3+ and was wondering if I can print the permanent crown material or something similar on the 3+ that would have extremely high hardness and be able to be polished and machined like this material? Is there an engineering grade of this material available for the Form 3+?

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Hi @ddiegel14,

Thanks for reaching out! Permanent Crown Resin is only compatible with the Form 3B(+). With that said, you may have success with other resins such as Rigid 10K for example. You can check our Material selector for more suggestions.

Would the rigid 10k have the same hardness and impact resistance as the permanent crowns? I did not see a hardness test data on either of these. Our product will be trialed for actual use and the hardness and impact resistance is critical to the function. I would say it needs to be just as hard as the temporary crown to survive the use case.

You can compare material properties of these resins via their datasheets:

If you’d like a more hands-on sense for this, you can Request a sample part or reach out to to submit a custom sample part request.

The Permanent Crown Resin available for the Form 3+ is not the best choice for replicating an old stone arrowhead for practical use. While it boasts high hardness and polishability, it lacks the structural integrity and wear resistance required for a functional arrowhead. It’s primarily designed for dental restorations, not tools or weapons.