Printing with different resolutions?

Hi Form1 users (or lovers),

I was wondering if it was technically possible for the Form1 and its SLA process to print one object in coupling different resolution levels.

For example, to keep a really detailed surface layer in printing at 50 µm and the object’s core at 100 µm. I see some advantages with the time’s needs or to play with the material strength for example.

I know it’s not possible with the current development of the printer. But, is it possible to make the Form1 firmware adapts the resolution in accordance to the polygons’ size? Otherwise, my intellectual thoughts stop at the joint between the two layers…

What do you think about this subject?

  • Nico

I guess in theory you could print different resolutions on the same layer, but it wouldn’t save too much time, as it would still have to do as many peel operations as needed for the highest resolution.  What would save some time is to print anything below the models themselves (the layers containing only support structures,) at .1mm, and then later layers at the selected resolution.

Hi Jonathan,

It’s my point. Your argument can also be used for the process to make a structure in the core of the models. If the object is just a shell, I am agree with you. But for a solid object or with a mesh structure core, the resolution at .1mm would increase the strength of the printed object and reduce the process time in my opinion. True, the peel operation will be the same, but the necessary layers number would be smaller, wouldn’t it?