Printing orthotic shoe lifts?

My son (8) has a condition which causes overgrowth on half his body. His left leg is currently ~4cm longer and our orthopedic dr wants him using lifts until surgery in two years. Custom lifts are pretty pricey especially since they need to be installed on the outside of every pair of shoes he owns.
Has anyone printed external lifts? I imagined scanning the contour of the sole then basically extending that down a few cm, adding some style for points :).
Also interested in material suggestions.


Just wondering if you ever came up with a solution?

Thanks for asking, but no I haven’t… it’s the scanning/design work that limits me.

You might be able to use one of the free iphone 3dscanning apps? Or if you take a picture of the bottom of the shoe and then side you could import the pictures into CAD software like autodesk fusion360 you should be able to make something pretty close. Would just need measurements of the shoe to size it properly. Not sure how long the flexible resin would hold up but it might work well. Not sure where you are located. I’m in Massachusetts but I would be willing to try to make something for him. What size shoe does he wear? My son is 13 so I probably have some decent pairs here I could try.

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That’s very kind of you to offer. I’m going to give the iphone scanner a try! Will keep this updated.

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