Custom Leather Stamp

Hello everyone, just wanted to share a recent model I
designed for a friend who has a table at a local farmers market and sells
leather items. I have been buying leather items from him for a couple of years
now and have gotten to know him. 
One day I brought a print I created with my Form 1+ to show him. He was
amazed and asked me if there was a way I could design something for him. He has
an assortment of stamps he uses that he places a rod into a hole in the back of
the stamp and then hits the rod with a hammer to make the imprint in the
leather. He wanted a custom stamp with his company’s logo and his name.

Here is my first results of prints

Now after bringing this I realized since this is a stamp it
needed to be mirrored since the stamp will end up face down and will leave a reversed
imprint. Also my friend wanted a little more wording on the stamp.

I then redesigned the stamp to include the extra info he
wanted and then made a new print and once I saw the dimensions were correct I
sent the file off to Shapeways to have it 3d printed in stainless steel. I was
amazed at how well the Stainless Steel print came out. I can’t wait till the
day when there is an affordable Metal 3d printer.

My Form 1+ came in very handy in the whole prototyping
process to ensure my dimensions were correct to work with his rod handle tool
which the hammer will be hitting.

Here is the results of testing the tool out.
The first image I am showing just to display how the stamp works with the tool. He ended up moving his hand when he hit the hammer a few times and it didn’t come out properly.

He then grabbed another piece of leather and held it a little firmer and made sure not to move the stamp.

We were much more pleased with these results!

I am so happy I was able to deliver a useable product to my friend and he is now happily stamping his logo on whatever leather items he sees fit. None of this would have been possible without me purchasing the Form 1+ and having Shapeways available to turn my prototype into a working final product.

Now I need to learn how to make molds and cast my own metal objects to bring the costs down even more!


Great result!

These SLA machines are capable of amazing things.

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Thanks Thomas!

very cool…