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Printing a T-rex

The T.Rex


We are a 3D Design and Prototyping company. Our long term goal is to work along side innovators and support them in turning their design ideas and concepts into fully functional physical models in which we can embed electronic/mechanical features. We want to create new devices that never existed before that can do things people did not know were possible.

In order to be able to create prototypes for our clients we purchase a Form1+ printer having seen all the quality parts produce on the Formlabs forums (thumbs up to all of you!!!). When we received the printer thats when the fun really began. After a few prints and having understood how the printer worked we wanted to truly test the Form1+'s capabilities. At the same time, we wanted to create a model that we are passionate about; a dinosaur. So we designed a Tyrannosaurus Rex to a high level of detail with small features to test the printer’s limits


Modeling the Dinosaur!


Parts fresh off the printer and into the curing oven.


The assembly process was tricky, but after several trial and experimenting with different glues we suceeded


We attached the parts using fishing line and spay painted the model.

Finished Model


Just a few more!

Hope you enjoyed this posted.
More models and printing coming shortly!
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Great work! It looks right out of a museum. [quote=“Carl_Chaumont, post:1, topic:2511”]
The assembly process was tricky, but after several trial and experimenting with different glues we succeeded

What glue did you end up using? I’ll use a drop or two of CA on cured parts to hold them together, but prefer resin to patch tiny holes

This is wild! How long is the final model?

Hello guys,
why did You bake Your model? :slight_smile:

Thanks! the finished model was approximately 45 cm long and about 30 cm high

We used a high frequency light (UV) to rapidly cure the printed parts. That’s why it looked like the prints were being baked :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the complement!

From what I have tried so far JB Weld Plastic Bond works the best:

Its takes 10 to 15 minute to harden which is long, but what I tend to do is mix it up and let it stand on its own for a few minutes (approx. 5) then I apply it to my model and hold it in place for the remaining of the time.

To patch tiny holed (depending on the size I usually use a filler primer paint like:

On bigger holed I use epoxy/bondo or if the hole is really big or I want to fill the inner cavity of the model I may used plaster (as it cost effective) .

Hope this helps!