Printing 0.8mm Thick - Shield (In Resin)

Hi, I am considering ordering the form 1 printer. However, I would like to know (i cannot find this information in FAQ) or support forums if the printer is able to print fine objects (such as attached in both step and solid works format as well as stl format). The thickness is 0.8mm. It is basically a metal part we would like to prototype using the printer before making a tool.
 In case not, can you please advise the minimum sheet thickness that the printer could handle.
Your help in this regard is appreciated. This will help us make a decision more easily.
In case anyone can support with a sample (of the attached object) from their Form 1 Printer on a paid basis we would be delighted. We will pay for the sample as well as freight costs. My contact is






Hopefully some users can take you up on printing a model, Anurag, but depending on the orientation of your part, the Form 1 can produce wall thicknesses at that scale! It can be useful to load your part into PreForm and check out how the walls look with the slicer enabled – that’ll give you a sense of how sturdy the part will be.