Printer disconnecting after every print?

HI everyone, recently after every print I’ve completed It gets disconnected? When I go into preform to start a new job, my printer is no longer connected to PreForm. I’ve tried rebooting the computer and the printer, still happens. It connected itself back randomly once but I don’t know what caused it to reconnect. Any thoughts/troubleshooting ideas?

Are you registered to Dashboard? That might be useful to determine whether the printer is actively disconnecting from your network, or whether this is localized to PreForm. Registering to the Dashboard will help to identify whether this is a PreForm specific issue or whether the printer itself is disconnecting from the network.

my printer randomly connected again. aso disconnected from dashboard, the printer is registered to dashboard but is not showing up as connected, i.e. current prints are not appearing, trays and cartridges aren’t showing current amounts.

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