Printed object (container) is leaking - DURABLE resin

I have made some tubes with rounded bottom. It turns out that they cannot hold water. They are made of the new DURABLE resin and postcured in UV-light.

The thickness of the wall is 1 mm.

Have you experienced problems with leaky resins and found a solution?

Do you mean the water is seeping through the material? Is it under high water pressure?

I work for a water filtration manufacturer and almost all of the pieces we have printed on the F2 come into contact with water in some form or another and I have never seen that happen. I have not used durable however, only the standard materials, all post cured and walls approx 1mm.

1mm wall thickness is very thin. The surface will not be very strong. I have some Durable but I haven’t printed anything with it yet. But I print a lot with Tough and I would not design any larger features of a functional print with 1mm walls. Tough is not tough enough. Durable probably isn’t, either.

For tubes with rounded bottoms, which end of the tube prints first, the open end or the rounded end? SLA can have issues printing thin-walled sealed volumes like you get if you print the closed end first, resulting in some holes. I would try printing it rotated so the open end prints first so at no time is there a closed volume.