Printable Resin Tank COVER anyone?

By an unlikely chance has anyone CAD’ed the tank black covers?

I need some printed as some have cracked over time and Ive started to recoat the tanks and store them wisely once recoated.


They look to be vac-formed, so you could use one to make a plaster mould and vac form into it.

Definitely vacuum formed, but even hobby-grade vacuum forming processes are overkill to make just one part, it would be much easier to just print a 3 or 4 part piece.

Copying the exact same design may be a bit too cumbersome for some, but the function of this part is simple enough that a simple plate the shape of the tank with a ridge would suffice.

Yep, I dont have the skills nor equipment to vacuform, nor the ability to CAD myself…

If anyone wants to help, I’ll be eternally grateful! :smiley:

Or just use clingfilm?

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Well the actual lids are easier to stack tanks with and way more durable than film…

I’d honestly love to see a tank cover that clips firmly into place a bit more firmly, maybe something that makes the whole thing un-spillable / leakproof when kept nice and level. It’d make it so much easier for storing the tanks that are not in use.

I’d also like to see a good spot on at least one side where you could put an index label as to the type of resin used with the tank. (I know, a sharpie or labelmaker would do the trick, but, something purpose built would be better.