Mis-formed parts in fine detail resin

Here are two pictures of a part we have been trying to print. We have made several in the past, but now they will not print correctly. Two different attepts shown here. Same kind of failures, each time. We have ordered a new tank, but it is very time consuming and expensive to keep getting failed parts.

I found the form file doing a directory search but the upload function on the forum will not allow it because it is too big? Here is a screens hot of the part.

Hi @John_Gaertner, it would help us out if you could upload the .form file so we can take exactly how things are oriented. Pictures of what it looks like in PreForm would help too if you cannot upload

How old is your resin? and have you made similar parts out of the same resin? from what i have been hearing black is not the easiest resin to work with. May want to try another type of resin or maybe try a different setting. I have heard some guys use the castable resin setting for black and they are getting better results.

But also looking at your part that channel down the middle of the part could be causing some headaches because it will cause the part to suction to the PDMS layer causing some major wear and tear. You might want to consider changing the orientation, just a suggestion.

They had worked before, the way we did them, so I saw no need to save the file. Here is a picture of 3 pieces we made, using the same configuration, same resin, tank a week earlier.

I found the file after doing a directory search. But the forum will not let it upload cause it is too big?

We went through the FormLabs trouble shooting ticket process and solved our bad print problem. The small internal mirrors had what looked like servo motor grease on them. We used the approved cleaning method and ran another set of test prints and they turned out alright it would seem.

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