Failed Prints

I’ve recently installed a new orange resin tank on my original Form 1 and since then I’m having trouble with printing.

This is what the prints look like:

These are the issues I’m having.

  • Models break into multiple pieces.
  • Supports are not connected to the model.
  • Lots of thin “skin” hanging from the print.
  • Models are deformed.

Any idea what’s wrong? And how I can solve my problems?

you probably need to open a support ticket, but before you do, I would suggest you print the calibration form file that @JoshK has posted to the forum somewhere, search for it. He also has a great spreadsheet that calulates fine tuning percentages.

Using a dial caliper, you’ll want to measure the actual sizes (x,y, and z) of the blocks and separation of the blocks in the file. If all of this just started with a new tank (and your mirrors did not get dirty while swapping it), then it may just be the z-offset needs a bit of tweaking.


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