Printable Hardware and Software Manual

I am looking for a printable (not 3D print :wink: ) version of the hardware and software manual. I do not have the original documentation that came with the printers and while the online guide found here is excellent and descriptive I need a hardcopy for our lab.

Our lab is working toward being GLP compliant, and since we use the printer for prototyping we need a maintenance manual in hard copy form.

If there is a current PDF version of the manual I could have and print off, that would be great. If there is no existing printable manual this will force me to have to write my own which involves the risk of missing information and taking the hours to write one out completely.

If there is not a printable version of this out there, I suggest making one that can get updated with changes to the printer. I know I am not alone in needing to have hard copies like this manual since web links can get changed easily or the developer drops support and the maintenance guides disappear.

Thank you for your help!

I second this request. The way I have done it so far, is to print out all of those guides on that link you shared related to the Form 2, its software, finishing, and materials. One problem is that i can’t print GIFs obviously. They work great when viewing on the computer and are a great addition to a user’s manual, but unfortunately we still need physical copies for a lot of old school requirements. I will have to deal with this in the future when we go for our ISO 13485 certification.

Another issue that i cringe at is the frequent updates to Firmware and print settings that come out. As long as they are optional, I can choose to not update. I just don’t want to be revalidating everything every couple of months.

@VanTechniek, @gjgomes My guess is that FL has such a document. However if they do not, you could always convert each of the links to PDF like so. and then combine the documents later. Here are 2 examples:

Quick Start Guide.pdf (698.0 KB)
Receiving Your Form 2.pdf (422.7 KB)

I suspect this is your answer:

That’s a pretty good work around and will save some time. I understand the hesitation to have a static manual like that, but they’ve created such a reliable and excellent printer that labs are making the investment and a lot of us have the old school rules like @gjgomes said. It would be valuable for them to have a manual to download with a revision number.

Thanks @kevinduhe