Print Service needed ASAP

Brand new to the forum and looking at the 3/3L but first wanted to have some parts printed before I move forward. My experience is with polyjet, but the system is old and very difficult to find replacement parts/service.
Received a sample part through the site (which is very nice) but would much rather “experiment” with parts needed for a project. We do a lot of cool finishes on the prints. mostly plated finishes in copper/nickel/chrome. So if anyone out there has machine availability, please reach let me know ASAP as I need to get started. to see some work.
Thanks for your time, Ron

Hey Ron,

I could help out if needed, I have almost all the resin types. I’m in Vancouver Canada.

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Hi Ron - Where abouts in the world are you based?

I’m in the Detroit area, Michigan, USA


We can help you out. We have a Form3 and supposedly a 3BL on it’s way (if they can finally tell us a date). We’re in Oregon and will have the printer free by afternoon tomorrow. Let me know what you need.

Very interested in your service to. We’ve been toying with some product ideas that would be slick if finished. You can hit me up at


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I print whatever you want using NextDent C&B resin(A3.5 shade), NextDent C&B MFH(A1 shade) NextDent Base resin, Tough V5, Dental SG, Transparent, Gray in a Form 2 printer.

Expert in printing surgical guides for dental, maxillofacial and orthotics applications. We can sterilise in autoclave before shipping.

Aluminum, Co-Cr, Inox Steel, Titanium grade 5 and grade 23 ELI(medical), Gold, Silver, SLS Nylon. Using other printers and technologies(3D Systems, Stratasys, EOS). Ship worldwide.

In case of wanting surgical guides, I have the medical grade stainless steel guide tubes too.

Just contact us at:

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Are you saying you can plate any 3d print with chrome?

I’m on Form 3 and Black V4 only. Mostly printing highly detailed parts for scale hobby manufacturers. I’m in Toronto.

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There are limitations but we’ve successfully plated on many different materials.

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