Need a print service?

I print whatever you want using NextDent C&B resin, NextDent Base resin, Tough V5, Dental SG, Transparent, Grey.

Nylon, Carbon fiber, Titanium. using other printers. Ship worldwide.

In case of wanting surgical guides, I have the medical grade stainless steel guide tubes too.

Do you think you’ll get Flexible Resin any time soon? I have a long-term project in mind and would love to get connected to a print service to make it.

I can buy flexible resin for you depending on the number of prints that you need to be ordered

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Very cool. I found someone with a print sample they’ll send me. Will know a lot more once I get that. I’m hoping it’ll be a good long-term project.

All right,

If you need something please contact me at: (not .com)

Thank you!

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