Print Quality Issue with Black Resin

I have not. —Checked the galvos.

Reason being is that my first brand new (not a refurb replacement) Form2 was unable to print in black to the same exacting perfecting as it could in grey/clear.

When that printer was replaced within the first few weeks with another brand new (not refurb) Form2, it too printed black exactly the same. When that printer was replaced for bearings popping out of the wiper arm guide channel (see thread I posted at the time) due to a defect from a newly onboarded supplier, its brand new (not refurb) replacement Form2 did …yea, you guessed it…it printed black the same. So the moral I learned, printing in black was not going to happen. I went through many test prints with support, printing their sample file and replacing tanks/resin cartridges but the result was always a crap shoot of how bad it would be. Not how good, meaning anything on the side of acceptable but always a matter of how bad, meaning how far down the line from being trash.

I have given up printing in black and have accepted that it is the Achilles heal for the Form2 and probably the Form3. It makes sense, I see it as very challenging to get the laser to penetrate such a dark material and I’m surprised it prints at all.

Recently, I have checked the print quality with the white resin, and it looks better than before, but it does not come up to my expectation yet.
I am looking forward to the next version of PreForm.
I heard there will be a big change.


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