Print on bed + internal supports

Some of my models are hollowed out to speed up printing and save resin. Enabling internal support generation is pretty usefull to make printed parts more solid.
To get them generated, there is a checkbox to tick before using the automatic support generation button.

However, when pressing the button, both internal and “non internal” supports are generated.
The point is, for some parts, I prefer NOT to use a base + “non internal” supports (printing on bed).
So after generating all supports, I have to click the edit button and remove one by one all unecessary “non internal” supports. After removing the very last “non internal” support, the base is automatically deleted and I can build the object directly on the build plaform.

Could it be possible to add a second checkbox to enable/disable “non internal supports” the same way there is one for “internal” supports? (May be we could call them “external supports”)



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A possible workaround is to manually add the internal supports without using the automatic support generation. If you go straight into edit mode and add internal supports, a base won’t be added. I’ll also make sure to forward this suggestion to our software team and we’ll look into it.

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I’ve also found myself wishing I could generate only internal supports, so I empathize with you. Another suggestion in addition to @Frew’s that may be of use: when editing supports, you can click and drag to remove supports from an area rather than clicking on each point individually.

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