Print Errors

Hey hii

I am using form2 printer. from past one year.
All of sudden my printer started showing lot of print errors like

  1. Not able to print holes for mechanical components which are 4mm diameter.
  2. prints are not sticking to the build platform because of this error my vat(resin tank) is getting damaged.
  3. Support structures are not working- like not hold the objects
    And by seeing all this errors i thought to change the Resin tank and material,then also after changing i am facing the same problems.
    Can anyone help in solving this troubles/errors

sounds like a laser resolution problem.
Check the glass under the tank to see if it is dirty, or fogged in some manner that is affecting the focus of the laser.

As @Sculptingman mentioned, it sounds like something could be interfering with your optics. Do you have a ticket open with our support team? They’re going to be best suited to troubleshoot this, and I can create one for you.

thank you so much for your valuable replies
@Sculptingman and @Frew
By the way i will be happy to get your help @Sculptingman
please connect me at

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