Print 2-5 micron channel

I want to print a simple single channel on a block that will go under my microscope. However, I will be using micro-organisms and cannot get the channel small enough. The ideal width of this channel would be 2 microns.

Has anyone been successful in printing anything in the single digit micron range? Are there tricks to getting the printer to print this small?


One micron is 0.001mm. That’s really small. I’d be surprised if the laser positioning is repeatable to that degree of precision.

3D printing isn’t going to be able to print at that precision, and with this type of printing the laser will cure a little bit extra material as the light diffuses into the resin, 2 microns is nothing so it wouldn’t show up even if the motors could line it up correctly.

No 3D printer I know of will go that small. Perhaps the best way to do it would be to print 2 blocks - one with an integral base for the other block to sit on. then get a 2 micron feeler gauge and apply uncured resin to the base of the second block. Slide the two together tight up against the 2 micron feeler gauge. Clamp the second block into place and cure the resin with a laser pen or sunlight.

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I can’t imagine that being accurate

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