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Prime button on 3L

there is a new prime button on the 3L after a firmware update
what exactly does priming do, and how long should it take?
for me, the step before printing starts (layer numbers showing on the screen) takes around 45 minutes but can take up to 70 minutes in some cases (like if it decides the tank is not full enough)

If it works the same way as the 3, it walks through the prep stages; platform in, tank cap open, etc. Priming just allows you to do those steps in advance, so the printer assumes its safe to begin printing.

It doesn’t check the resin level and fill, if necessary, which would be a logical and helpful step, That would save a lot of time.

Hi @tomsofer,

Great question! Just to add on to @Rob_Steinberg’s answer, the “Prime” feature allows you to prepare a machine for printing before you start your print. As long as a printer is primed, you can send a job to the print queue and have it automatically begin printing—no further action required!

That being said, the “Prime” feature does not include tank filling at this time. Instead, it guides you through the process of inserting your build platform, loading a resin cartridge, opening the vent cap, and otherwise preparing the machine to begin printing. For more information on priming and its use cases, be sure to check out this support article!

Yup. There’s that!

Hey, Jackson, any hope of prefill? Filling takes about a month or so. Well, maybe a bit less, but it would be a real treat to press “print” and have the printer start immediately.

Hi @Rob_Steinberg,

Tank filling speed and pre-filling are definitely on our radar, and we’re investigating ways to help with these issues. While we don’t have anything to announce quite yet, you can be sure that we’ll let this community know as soon as there’s something more concrete to talk about!