Preform Software Issue 3.33.3

Whenever I use the menu buttons FILE EDIT VIEW HELP, after clicking a command, Preform crashes.

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I had the same issue. Uninstall and reinstall did it for me. Rare bug wich i think will be adressed in the next update.

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Bende Aynı Sorunu yaşadım. Güncelleme yaptıktan sonra sorun ortadan kalktı. umarım sende düzeltebilirsin

Attempted that, and also a limited startup. still crashes. I only use menu ribbon for units changing. So now I just do that in Nettfab.

Check in controllpanel so you don´t have multiple Preform installed. I noticed yesterday that i had 2 version installed. Might be a conflict.

Hi @magicwandstudio ,

It is also possible that if you are using an external display that there is a conflict; sometimes we will see issues where the buttons are inactive or can’t be seen in the display resolution, so that might be worth looking into. If the problem persists, I would advise reaching out to our Support Team.