PreForm software for Linux desktop

Another vote for native Linux support. Does not seem like a big investment if interface is in qt & already works on Win and Mac. Is this in the pipeline? Running on a VM is painfully slow for graphics heavy interfaces such as this.


That, and last I checked, you cannot use kvm as your hypervisor. You’re left having to use closed-source VMware.

They could actually just start small, and allow Linux to push files to the printer. The GUI can come after that…


The crazy thing is, the Form2 likely runs an embedded version of Linux itself…

IT also does not work on XEN Hypervisors because of Lack of OpenGL 2.1 support.

What works partwise is using the software on a remote Windows Box with Windows RDP. The "only " issue: You have to start the software locally. After it has passed the OpenGL 2.1 check it roons quite well over RDP (proving, that the OpenGL 2.1 requirement is not really a hard requirement!)

wow - very interesting to know. Currently I have a three monitor setup connected to my primary machine running Debian. All of my monitors have two inputs with a toggle button on their front panel. The right-hand monitor also has a second machine connected running windows, which I can switch to using the panel button.

For keyboard/mouse on windows to use the same keyboard/mouse from Debian, I use Synergy, which lets me seamlessly move the mouse into that monitor and control the windows box. What I really wanted was to just run a kvm vm with win7pro and not have to need a second physical machine. Currently I use this windows box for the Form1+ and for my NextEngine UltraHD scanner. Typically, it’s off.

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I’m looking to purchase a Form 2, and the lack of Linux support is really a pain. I only have Windows on one laptop, so it’s not a show stopper, but my workshop is otherwise all Linux. The laptop is even a dual-boot. So, Linux support please!

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@Dani_Epstein I feel your pain. I must maintain a physical box w/ win7/keyboard/monitor/mouse in a space contstrained lab SOLELY for the purpose of printing my work. We can’t even use an opensource hypervisor to host a vm because the vms do not support OpenGL which Preform requires to function.

Pffff there is no way to read their “EULA” without buying a proprietary shitware…

As forced selling is illegal in E.U we have right to disassemble the machine (and the software) to see if the manufacturer had closed parts on purpose to force user to use their software.
That’s right, Formlabs, here, freedom isn’t an OPTION, it’s legally promoted, and M$ already paid about 500 millions dollars because their APIs were closed.

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