PreForm on tablet

Has anybody tried to run preform on a cheap win tablet so see if it can be used as a way to control the printer?

You said “cheap”. Well, I tried to run it on an old windows 8 exopc tablet I had laying around, but the graphics card was too old and wouldn’t support the GL engine that PreForm uses. I wanted to try something old, since it would likely get resin on it at one point or another.

I bet with a modern win8/10 Surface Pro tablet, you’d have no problem running PreForm. I’m going to guess there are operators on here who do just that. I’d do it, but I can’t justify a Pro tablet just to run the Form1.

The sad part ist, that the software does not even need the OpenGL 2.1 Stuff!
I tried to run it with remote desktop where it failed to start with the message, that it’s missing OpenGL 2.1 stuff.

Starting the software locally and than swithcing to rdp (remote desktop) while the software is running works!
So they put in a check for whatever reason. But the softare runs great without OpenGL 2.1.

So yes, if you can remove the check it would probably run quite well on such a windows tablet!

This is sad and disappointing. I was and am considering getting an apple mini and use remote screen to control the form and other printers. But a atom window tablet would have been cheaper and better.

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