Preform Jewelry Beta 25 micron prints

With some help from the FormLabs Support Staff, I’ve managed to roll back the firmware on my Form3 to the proper version to allow 25 micron printing of Castable Wax resin using the Preform 3.1.2 Jewelry Beta.

Hope this helps others.

Preform Software Jewelry Beta:

Firmware 1.3.4 — October 11, 2019

Hi @The_Lab_Partners, are you noticing any difference printing with the latest Preform v3.2.3 and latest F3 firmware RX- vs the beta versions for Castable? Is it just the 25 micron setting that’s missing or is it printing better overall with that resin?

Thanks for the help. I wish Formlabs was more forth coming with these important details.

Best / Travis

I need to undo the From 3 firmware to make it compatible with Preform 3.1.2 beta. for jewelry How to do it?
Can I just go back to the older firmware version?

Hey @TravisRogers,
I’ve not performed exhaustive enough testing to say anything definitively, but my feeling is the latest firmware and Preform make better quality prints across the complement of resins I use, 50 micron Castable Wax included.
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Hi @orwo,
Yes, you can roll back the firmware. I’ve gone back-and-forth a few times now. :slight_smile:
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Thanks @The_Lab_Partners, I appreciate the insight!

thank you, I’m testing right now :slight_smile: