How to print at .25 micron PreForm

hi! im new user of formlab3 and my issues is using castable wax resin (purple) , it only print resolution at 50 micron
for jewerly print…
My ? is, how to print at .25 micron in PreForm

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Its not available yet, will have to wait for the firmware update that allows .25 for certain resin settings.

Hey @JSVAlex!

Thanks for the question! The user above me is correct that those settings are coming down the line. Is there a specific print you’re currently working on that .5 isn’t acceptable for?

Our support team might be able to point you in the right direction to improve results in the meantime before those additional settings are released.

Here’s a link to the Preform Jewelry Beta and the matching firmware

For what it’s worth @JSVAlex , printing the purple wax resin at 25 micron on the Form 3 now seems to be enabled in Preform 3.4.0 (it wasn’t available in 3.3.0).

I’m about to give it a go myself and see if there are any noticeable differences between 25 and 50 microns.

I’d honestly be happy if the Form 3 could at least get to the same quality the Form 2 had at at 50 micron, but so far it doesn’t seem to be as clean as the Form 2 (build lines are much more noticeable in all the models I’ve tried thus far).

I would always test 50 micron and see if that works. In my experience with my Form 2, the 50 micron is precise enough for anything I print. 25 micron seems like it would be a better choice—I mean, when one has access to 25 microns, why wouldn’t you use it?? But unless you’re doing some crazy filigree, 50 micron might be sufficient.

That said, I had some really fine “support threads” I put into a design and printed at 50 micron…I was shocked at how well it printed them.