Problem with Castable Wax Layer Thickness and Preform

Hello, I am having problems with the new firmware update (1.4.8) not talking to the Beta version (3.1.2) of Preform. I would like to the print 25 micron layer thickness with castable wax which is not possible with the latest version of preform,

I’ve tried rolling my firmware on the printer back to the previous version (1.4.4) to use with Beta Preform, but that wouldn’t work either.

Is there any way to print 25 micron layer thickness with the castable wax at this point? We had a real nice 25 micron print on Saturday (the day before the new firmware installed), the printer updated Sunday, and now there doesn’t seem to be any way to do it.

I tried contacting tech support and haven’t had an answer. This is frustrating because we’ve only had the printer a week, and only been able to print once before “updates” made it stop working.

Hi @imblum,
Yes, to print Castable Wax resin at 25 microns, you’ll need PreformBETA 3.1.2b2 and firmware version rc-1.3.4-456.
(You can have multiple versions of Preform installed on the same computer, but you’ll need to roll-back the firmware version on your Form3.)
I’ve not seen anything from the FormLabs folks on when the BETA will be folded back into the main build.

Firmware Release Page

PreForm Release Page:

Hope this helps,
JD Davison
Lab Partners Jewelry

@imblum @The_Lab_Partners We just released a new PreForm beta with the latest Castable Wax settings yesterday that is compatible with the latest firmware! You can get it in the Beta Program in Dashboard:

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Thanks for the heads up, @gtl.

Thank you very much. I was able to get back to printing at 25 micron with the old software. I am looking forward to updating again. Thank you for the quick responses

Well, today I’ve tried the new Preform beta with the latest firmware for the castable wax and have to say that the previous beta for jewelry was better! The surface finish on the new is smoother but the corners are too soft overall and there was some small layer shift here and there and I never had a layer shift before. Just rolled back to the previous one. Was much sharper before! Hopefully the next one is better!