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You may have heard - there is a new beta version of PreForm for jewelry users of Castable Wax on the Form 3. You can get it on Google Drive here.

Why is there a separate version of PreForm for Jewelry Form 3 customers?
The currently shipping version of PreForm includes Castable Wax settings tuned for dental part accuracy. These settings will print jewelry parts with less detail than some users may expect.

We have separately developed jewelry tuned settings, which provide improved fidelity when printing small details (most jewelry prints).

Who will receive this PreForm?
This beta PreForm version is being sent to all our Form 3 customers who are in the Jewelry industry. They will receive a link to download this version of PreForm as their printer ships.

If for any reason you need the Jewelry version and you didn’t get prompted at the time of purchase, you can use the link above.

This temporary beta version of PreForm allows us to separate your feedback from customers printing dental parts in Castable Wax, and offer print quality software updates exclusive to jewelry printing on Form 3.


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Could you check whether or not there is any change for standard resin types on the beta version of PreForm?




I have just confirmed there is no change for standard resin types.
Forget my previous question.

After install this beta, all print are fail at 25 micron .

@DKirch, is this beta version still relevant? The current PreForm build is 3.2.2 and it looks like the beta version linked here is 3.1.2. Is this an ongoing side build for jewelry printing or has this functionality been rolled into the public build? I’m asking as I’m about to start printing some detailed jewelry pieces with the Castable V2.

Thanks in advance

I’m curious as well if the jewelry beta is relevant.

I can confirm the Preform Jewelry Beta is still required for using Castable Wax at 25 microns on the Form 3.

Thanks @The_Lab_Partners. In your discussion with Formlabs, did they mention if they were going to update this beta and or do they have a plan / timeline as to when it will be merged with the public build? I print with Grey v4 for all of my prototyping, which I’m finding is printing better now on the latest Preform 3.2.3 and F3FW RC- I’m hesitant to start managing firmware updates every time I want to switch to print Castable V2. Thanks for your help in clarifying all this!


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@DKirch is there a page where the beta versions are available for download?

Hi @TravisRogers,
I agree the updates to the firmware and Preform software seem to create better quality prints with non-castable resins.
Unfortunately, I have no additional information about FormLabs plans to bring the casting beta branch back into the main build.

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Hi @David_Miller,
Here are links to the Preform Jewelry Beta, and the various firmware versions:
Lab Partners Jewelry

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Hi @The_Lab_Partners

I’m having a devil of a time overwriting the RC-1.0.3-beta-417 software to any other firmware version. Do you have any tips to share?

Greg - Jewelry guy