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PreForm iPadOS iOS App

As I`m new in this forum, I tried to find something in the search in advance, but did not find anything. If there is already a thread like this, please forward me.

I would like to ask if there is a plan for a future iPadOS or iOS app. Especially for the first told operation system from my point of view it would make sense. The hardware of the iPadPro should have the performance, the iPadOS is more and more a competitor to OSX and as there is already an OSX version, the workload for a software transfer should be worth the price.

From my side, my printer is located downstairs. Even if I do design and slicing on my workstation upstairs and start the print via WiFi or Ethernet I have to go down anyway. It would be awesome just to take the iPadPro with me and start everything (also via WiFi) downstairs. Then I see if everything is working properly, if not I will restart.

Even from the view of taking the Form2or3 on an exhibition for a kind of showcase … this could be an awesome feature, as even the design process could more an more done entirely on the iPadPro.

So if you have ideas which aspects could be done with this feature please contribute in this discussion, maybe we can get the stone rolling at FormLabs…? And for comparison, at Ultimaker they go exactly in this direction …


your information is very interesting and a good question but i am not idea.