PreForm Changes / Updates

What is with the latest PreForm updates? It seams they had is about 3 or 4 revisions ago…now have lost it. I get more and more failed prints with each update. Now with the change in the minimum touch point size it is going to be very difficult to print the very small items we print. I almost always used the .35 tough point and now the min is .5. What is with the change? It should be up to the designer to decide how small to go.


I’m sorry to hear that. Which material and which printer type are you using?

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Our failure rate has gone way up as well - Printing with Grey Pro has gone from failures once in 20 parts to 1 in four parts for essentially the same geometry - I’ve tried replacing tanks with limited success.

I had the process down where we were using .2mm touch points in sensitive areas and .3mm for less sensitive. Now I need to run at .35 and .5 - is it preform or is the resin providing less green strength?

Just curious have either of you tried an old version of Preform to see if that improves things back to the way they were? You can download older versions from here:

Rigid, Form2

RKAGERER, I will be trying this for sure. Thanks

I do see the last update added back in the smaller tough points.