Preform can't rotate correctly and crash when saving

I use the latest version of Preform, I found it very hard to rotate the object percisly like I can do in other program. The numeric control is 10 times slower than hand rotating (use mouse directly to rotate). And even more it seems the z rotation is working but one of the X,Y rotation is not working, I can’t tell which one because there is no axes in Preform, no matter what number I enter in the X or Y rotation, the object rotate on the same axes, I recently want to print a large object which has 90,000 polygons and I can’t save it as form file, It crash every time I try to save the object, thus I have to cancel the print.

By the way I try the model in my FDM software and the rotating works correctly in three axes and I can save it without any problem. I really hope Formlabs can fix the rnumerical otate problem, and add axes to the scene, and the save problem for high poly count object.

by the way the scale works but slow too, when I enter a factor into the number dialog, it stuck for a while like the numerical rotation does. I don’t think it should be a p problem for Preform since I can rotate the object so fast by using mouse,

I can save the model mow, it seems something to do with the scale function, The model I made was in cm unit and after I import it into Preform I have to scale it 10 times since Preform uses mm as one of the default units. I couldn’t save the model after I scaling it. I tried to open the model without scaling it and save it first. Then I reopened the scene and scale it 10 times, and I rotate it and generate the supports. I save it with no problem.

It much be a bug of Preform.