Preform 1.6 Bug?: Preform gets confused about rotational UI settings

Using preform 1.6 on a Mac…

I’ve found that the rotational UI values that are shown when I select a part in the view are not always updated.

I am not sure how/why, but sometimes these values go to zero (all of them) and sometimes they show the proper values.

Here are two pictures of the exact same file with the part selected:

zero values in the rotation boxes

proper values in the rotation boxes

My work-around was to close Preform and reopen the file. This does not always occur, but when it does, things get “stuck” and I need to restart.


PS I realize these two pics are taking from a different view point, but the part rotation is the same in both (and the STL comes in in a completely different orientation for its ‘native’ orientation.

Jeff- thanks for pointing out the bug. We’ll look into it!