Porsche giving away Cayman STL

Hi David, I also “Decimated” the STL in zBrush which has done a much better job than Blender. Also I scaled it down to fit in the 125mm print space for the Form1…and by the way…I am a Porsche guy!..just don’t own one yet hehe.  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rc3duuihvwo51ds/X_30EBkn4O

Agreed. The Blender decimate was HORRIBLE. It left a choppy surface, even though there were still oodles of triangles in the mesh.

I smell a feature request for the next gen PreForm!

I don’t understand why you guys had to decimate the Porsche STL? It opened fine for me in PreForm, its just scaled down to .029. I don’t have a printer yet so does the file size cause some other issue with printing?

Hey Vince, I just don’t feel that the mesh was very well optimized that’s all. Decimation keeps the detail where it’s needed.

Hey guys, I saw this model and had to give it a go.  I printed the lower resolution model (that David posted) at 100 microns in the new white resin.  The print took about 5.5 hours and came out great!  The car is about 5 inches long from bumper to bumper.

Finished printing last night.  My first try failed because I made the supports and points too thin and it pulled away.  This one is in 50 microns because I was impatient. Printed at .017 scale.

Wow Adam that looks great at 100 Microns!  And that new White is really nice looking.  Going to have to place an order!

Dylan, your print looks great too!  Super smooth at 50um.

I tried to load the file into Preform and it crashed on me. The file they gave was needlessly large, I’ve tried it in a couple slicing programs too and they got bogged down.

I wish Porsche had put the wheels & tires into separate files.

Hey Jeff, why don’t you try the optimized versions by David or myself?

Hm, what platform are you on, Jeff? It’s definitely slow and bloated, but I loaded it up and printed it, no problem, on my machine (Macbook Air, 8GB).

2011 iMac, quad core i7, 24GB RAM, latest version of PreForm. I’ll give it another try. I downloaded, but didn’t try the reduced files here.

It’s just that the file is 10x larger than I’ve ever needed to use, including other car models that I thought were plenty high quality, so Porsche’s offering seemed unnecessary.

I think you might need some more RAM Jeff : )

Second try seemed to load better.

In all seriousness, I really could use some more RAM. I don’t have to have it, so I’ve been putting it off, but I’m running down to 400MB free.

I don’t know what happened before.

Anyway, is there a good way to hollow out the underside of the model? It’s a solid car. Even at only 1/64th scale, it takes 22ml of resin, before factoring in supports.

Yah, the model is totally oversize – no doubt about it. I just want to get to the bottom of the issue’s your seeing – yep, what Jesse said. You definitely need more ram :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

I just stumbled over this thread, but unfortunately the original file(s) is not available anymore. I did download the adapted versions by Jesse, but if anyone has the original available for me to play with, I’d be very grateful!


I just tried to but its like 93 MB & there’s a 20mb limit, I could try to email it to you?

E-mailing would be certainly acceptable, otherwise using Dropbox, Google Drive or wetransfer,com would work for me as well.

My email address is: avdleeuw (the at sign) gmail (the dot thingy) com

Thanks in advance!!

no prob, its on the way!