Porosity in castings

Continuing the discussion from Curing and Casting castable resin:

I’ve also been having real issues with porosity in my castings. I’ve been using Omega+ investment powder (plasticast isn’t available in the UK), which is giving me nice wax castings, but swiss cheese formlabs castings.

Thanks to @Malissa_Kuznicki for the link to the white paper - definite food for thought. From that, and other suggestions, I’m going to try

  • curing with a 405nm uv nail lamp (36w) for 24 hours
  • changing my investment mix from 40:100 to 38:100
  • raising the flask onto a wire rack to aid air flow (My burnout oven has 2 vent holes on top, and no forced ventilation).
  • turning the flask over 2 hours before casting

Has anyone had any joy with any of these techniques? I don’t really want to get into spraying the prints with lacquer - if the resin needs this extra hack to cast properly, then I’d say it isn’t doing its job.

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