Plastic Injection Molding machine

On this video:

At 35 sec, we see a cool plastic injection molding machine. It looks cheap and handy to work with.

Do you have some information about it (name, company, spec…)?
Is it custom made by you guys at formlabs?

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It looks to me like this is just a pneumatic press, not a molding machine. I think they’re pressing those rivets in place.

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You are absolutely right, it is just that. A hydraulic press.

Good point, it seems obvious now. Let’s not waste this topic, do you know any low cost plastic injection molding machine?

I found this but I am looking for a more automated one.

As soon as these machines get automated, they get very expensive. Unless you’re running production, the cost of an automated machine is hard to justify. There are a number of manual machines out there in the $500 - $1500 range, or you can build your own for under 100 bucks. Search for “Gingery Injection Molding”.

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