Injection Molding


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I am starting to make molds with the Formlab2, I wanted to know how to get a team for the casting of plastics like the one that comes out in the information that you give on the web.

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not sure what you are asking about?

a ‘team’ ?


There is a white paper discussing the printing of molds for injection molding machines and I think the poster is looking for help on having someone create the molded parts for them. I’m in the same boat, however, with a few more questions.

I’m curious what the maximum size of the mold is, and if there are templates to use to ensure printed molds will fit into the injection mold tooling.




The molds described in the whitepaper are inserts placed in aluminum frames that fit the Galomb B-100 desktop injection mold press. I don’t know how you would find someone with that machine who would help you out. The machine isn’t expensive but you should go into it knowing the limitations - it’s a hobby-level machine and you are likely going to struggle with a lot of plastics (the machine is not high temperature or pressure). I doubt you could press nylon in that machine.


It’s still 4500 bucks, over 10k for the version with the mixing station, pretty expensive for a hobby machine IMO. But definitely on the low end for a professional.


Mabye my experience with normal resin used for injection molds can help you do the next steps